Smart Meter SafeGuard


Protective equipment to block 98% of the radiation emitted by smart meters. A specialized Faraday cage.

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The Smart Meter SafeGuard was specially designed to completely cover smart (networked) meters, including the “butterfly-type” meter ring, common in Quebec. If your smart meter has a meter ring like the one in this photo, you do not need to purchase anything other than the Smart Meter SafeGuard.

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If your meter is installed using ANOTHER TYPE of meter ring, you must purchase the appropriate adapter.

In the box:

  • 1 Smart Meter SafeGuard (2nd generation), 100% Stainless Steel
  • 2 Stainless Steel Grounding Screws
  • Heavy Duty Adhesive Aluminized Tape
  • Detailed Installation Instructions
    Level of attenuation achieved with the Smart Meter SafeGuard
    8,000 to 40,000 µW/m2
    (depending on meter)
    Radiation emitted with each pulse (measured at 1 metre)
    20 to 60 seconds Time interval between each pulse (measured)
    50 or better Attenuation factor achieved with the Smart Meter SafeGuard (measured)
    -60dBm minimum

    -52dBm minimum

    Attenuation with the Smart Meter SafeGuard at 1GHz (from calculations)
    Attenuation with the Smart Meter SafeGuard at 2.5GHz (from calculations)

    If your smart meter generally emits 9,000 μW/m2 (1 metre from the meter) with each pulse, the Smart Meter SafeGuard will give you about 180 μW/m2 (1 m from the meter).

    In other words, the Smart Meter SafeGuard blocks 98% (or more) of the radiation emitted.

    Since radiation is reduced* as you get farther from the source (the meter):

    • WITHOUT Smart Meter SafeGuard, you have to be 30 metres away for the level of exposure to be below 10 μW/m2 (as recommended by the Institute of Building Biology.**)
    • WITH Smart Meter SafeGuard, the distance required to reduce the level of radiation exposure to the level recommended by the Institute of Building Biology is only 3 metres.


    * Please see the “Radiation Intensity as a Function of Distance” charts «Intensité de la radiation en fonction de la distance».

    ** The Building Biology Evaluation Guidelines 2015

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